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Nice Bucket Challenge

Last night a recieved notice that I had been challenged to a “Nice Bucket Challenge” by a facebook friend. I was immediately charged to get this done today. The video below is our journey and some glimpses of what took place. I challege ANYONE that reads this to accept the challenge too. Find someone in need. Deliver something to a hospital. Surprise a neighbor. You have 24 hours. Go. Do. #LoveDoes #BeBrave.

Now the results of those I challenged are starting to come back. First off, Russell Hawkins and his family created some Nice Buckets and distributed them to those in need. He spent the day engaging homeless people with his son right by his side. While what they gave is sure to help those they met, the time spent with his son teaching about caring for those in need is worth so much more. Well done my friend!


Next up is Curt Harding. He created a Nice Bucket for children in a local hospital. The Nice Bucket has no rules and love knows no boundaries. Where can you take one today?



Laura created two Nice Buckets for a local school in need of games and supplies for rainy and cold days. Great ideas. There are endless ways and places to spread this message.


Who else accepts the challenge? More to come….

Review “Holy Ghost”


I recently had the opportunity to review a new documentary film called “Holy Ghost.” I think the biggest take away from this entire film was following the prompting that God has placed in each one of use that have committed our lives to Christ. This nearly 2 hour film is filled with incredible adventures all led by the Holy Spirit. When I say incredible, I mean incredible. The viewer is taken along for the ride everywhere from India to a rock concert. You are also witness to men proclaiming the gospel and forever changing lives. It is simply incredible to watch.

More about the film:

In this fast-paced documentary from the director of the popular films Finger of God, Furious Love, and Father of Lights, Darren Wilson sets out to make a movie that is completely led by the Holy Spirit. No plan, no script, no safety net — just go wherever he feels the Spirit leading him to try and discover the adventure God has for him. Whether it’s the riches of Monte Carlo, a heavy metal concert, or the oldest city in world, the result is a film that not only challenges and excites, but also reveals a God who is far more alive and active than you ever imagined.
The movie features big names such as Lenny Kravitz, Brain “Head” Welch, Bill Johnson, Michael W. Smith, Todd White, Meredith Andrews, DeVon Franklin, William P. Young, Phil Vischer, and many more!
Check out the official website here: http://holyghost.wpfilm.com
I found the film interesting if nothing else. There are some things that happen in almost a “street magic” part at the beginning of the film that are astounding. Two men walk the streets and find people that they feel led to speak to by the Holy Spirit. They ask random questions as they feel led and then pray for the specific needs that they uncover. It’s a rather odd but incredible scene. Overall I enjoyed the film.
“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”




Not long ago, I had a pretty good run in Leadership with a Fortune 500 company. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been in a “Wall Street driven” organization but it’s a tad stressful. Especailly at the end of a quarter. Basically people in high places promise guys that invest in their company that they’ll achieve certain dollars in sales for the quarter and year and guys that invest get even richer. When the company fails to achieve certain dollars in sales, guys that invest want to know why. This game is played every. single. quarter. 

The spin on a quarterly call with the big guys in the big offices is not fun when you’ve missed your numbers. Not fun at all. 

I always marveled at the corporate lingo they would use on these calls. Rather than just saying “guys, we missed our number,” they often used catch phrases and buzzwords to say that exact same thing. I just have to think the guys on the other end of the phone know it too. They aren’t fooling anyone. It’s so obvious but it works I guess. If they’re lucky, they get to keep their job for another quarter to get it right. 


By far my favorite corporate buzzword is “Headwinds.” Typically it would go like this – “Well, in the 2nd quarter, we continued to face headwinds. We believe we have turned the corner and should see stronger results in the 3rd quarter.” What that basically means is we didn’t make our number in the 2nd quarter and we might make it in the 3rd quarter. In fairness to all the guys that make the big bucks with big offices and fancy suits, we all face headwinds sometimes. 

We face headwinds financially

We face headwinds physically

We face headwinds emotionally

In this life, you will face headwinds. Last night I spent 2 hours talking to a trusted friend about….headwinds. We are both facing them. We not only discussed our various headwinds but we both admitted that this was the first person we had shared it with. Again, he’s a trusted friend. He’s one of the few guys I’ve let in. 

So how am I any different than the guys with the big offices at the end of a quarterly call?

I’m not fooling anyone. 

We all face headwinds. I’ve never been a sailor. I don’t know a lot about sailing or facing headwinds on the seas but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you probably shouldn’t face one alone. I chose the image above because I noted that there is a whole team of people on the side of the boat that’s out of the water. I’m guessing they all shifted to that side because they are working together to keep that boat from flipping over. If you’re on the sea alone and facing headwinds, I don’t know how much good you’re going to do trying to keep the ship in control. 

We all face headwinds.

If you’re facing them today, find some people to face them with you. Don’t head out on the waters alone. I’m preaching to myself here too. Know that smoother sailing is ahead. This storm will pass. The headwinds will calm. As Max Lucado said…

God didn’t still the storm but He did calm the sailor. 


Forgive us Ferguson

Photo Credit http://parade.condenast.com/327329/iraphael/powerful-photos-from-protests-in-ferguson-missouri/

Photo Credit http://parade.condenast.com/327329/iraphael/powerful-photos-from-protests-in-ferguson-missouri/

For the last several nights, I have watched as the images of tension in the city of Ferguson played out on my screen. For days I have tried to come to some understanding. The truth is I can’t begin to understand. I can’t begin to act like I understand the tension of either the moments we see on the television or the ones that brought us here. There are plenty of web sites, social media posts and blogs that can offer some opinions, this is not one of them. The best I can offer tonight is this…. a plea for forgiveness to the entire city of Ferguson and every one just like it.

Forgive us Ferguson.

Forgive us for not extending love that knows no boundaries.

Today I felt led to reach out to some friends I walked the halls of my high school with. I wanted to know what their thoughts were. There were tensions in our town and our school, but not like this. Well, not for me at least. I reached out to these friends because they were and are my friends. Our friendship didn’t know race or any other boundries. It just knew friendship. Please, out of respect for them, clear your mind of all you’ve read and heard. See this through their eyes.

From my friend Edward -

This is unfortunately reality for us. Furguson is one example of many. I am constantly posting and forcing people in my news feed circle to be prepared and aware of the inequalities due to the color of skin, sexuality, and personal choices. What seems often as a rant of complaint comes from a very honest place from experience. What is necessary is to speak and to educate the young. What might be late for us can be a possibility for future generations. Silence for me means no hope.

From my friend Darren -

Nothing is being addressed to stop what is going on. People are getting angry and I fear a blacklash that would be worse in American history. What can we do? I have no clue. When peoples mindsets are stuck, there is not much you can do save a miracle. Look at my FB page. People are not happy with what is going on in Ferguson, but always have to look at the negative that draws away from the real issue. It’s like people are saying, Awe that wasn’t right to do that to that boy…but do you see those black people looting? And they focus on the latter forgetting about the former. Am I making sense?

From my friend Theodore - 

Also, one thing I believe we should keep in mind is that this is not a just a “black problem” but an American problem. Everyone is effected somehow by the atrocities of this event. I don’t quite know how to explain it to people but once everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) understands that this horrible situation effects all Americans, then people will be more inclined to accept the universality of this problem and hopefully that will lead to a dialogue where everyone can work together instead of all the finger-pointing that makes people shut down and not see the real issues at hand.

Forgive us for not understanding the tension of feeling as though so much is against you.

Forgive us for our judgement of either side.

As the news and reports escalated, I called a friend that wears the uniform to serve and protect in the City of Columbus. He is a man of integrity in one of the toughest areas in our city. I’ve stepped into his world a few times for a ridealong. I wanted to know what he thought of all that was happening. One thing he shared was this -

There are men on the front line of those protests each night that have never prepared for where they are. You can’t simulate these tensions in a workout session, academy or a classroom. People have every right to express their displeasure. It’s understandable. There is just incredible tension in those moments. 

For a moment, imagine yourself where they are. I understand what put them in this place, but for a moment, put yourself in that uniform, in that tension.

Forgive us for not understading the tension of serving and protecting a community. 

I don’t think this post will change the world. I just felt led to share this tonight. These are friends of mine. These are guys I respect and care for and love. I wanted to get their feedback because it wasn’t spoonfed from some media outlet. It is raw and real. My hope is if you took the time to read this, maybe you took a second to pause and consider all of the views as well. Maybe you’ll join me in asking ALL of the people of Ferguson for forgiveness. May we all look through a lens of a love that knows no boundaries or limits.

Forgive us Ferguson.

Forgive us for not extending love that knows no boundaries.

Forgive us for not knowing how it must feel. 

Forgive us for acting as if we do. 

Forgive us Ferguson. 

Forgive us any city USA that could be just like it. 



6 Things My Kids Need For School


Here we are again. Where did the summer go? Maybe you’re getting ready to send your first born off to school. You might be sending your oldest to college. Maybe you homeschool and you’re ramping up for another year. Wherever this post finds you, I thought I might share the 6 things that I firmly believe my kids need before they start school. These 6 things are part of that “hill I will die on” I often refer to. I know each child and home is different, so take these for what they are worth. Here we go….

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T - Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying they need respect, that comes when you GIVE respect. From the time our oldest began school, we chose one thing we really wanted for them that school year. His first year, my word was respect. I don’t know a lot and I’ve never been accused of being really book smart, but respect for others will take you a long, long way in this life. Like my father-in-law says “you earn your breaks.” One of the greatest things you can offer another person is your respect. Respect your elders. Respect your friends. Respect those who disagree with you. You don’t have to agree with every one, or everything, but you can respect their differences. There is an exception to this but thats another post for another day…

2. Treasured - This one REALLY applies to my girls. I wrote a post about being fifteen about a year ago and apparently I am incredibly naive to what that age is like now. While none of mine are fifteen yet, they are growing up faster than we did at their age. They have access to so much more. The only way I know to compat all that waits out there both virtually and in reality, is to make sure they all know they are treasured. They are treasured by me, they are treasured by God. They are my joy and the prize of their creator. They don’t need to settle for anything less than all that God planned for them before they were even born. There will be influences and voices to encourage otherwise, but my hope is they have a firm foundation in how treasured they are both at home and by their Creator.

3. Quiet Strength - There is confidence and then there is arrogance. Confidence crosses the goal line, hands the ball to the referee and heads back to the sideline. Arrogance takes off it’s helmet and makes sure every one knows who scored the touchdown. When it comes to achievements in everything from academics to athletics, I’ve always encouraged my children to be more like Barry Sanders and less like Dion Sanders. Act like you’ve been there. Consider the feelings of those that can’t or didn’t or won’t achieve their goal. Remember when you fell short and how that felt.  As they saying goes…

Work for a cause, not for applause.
Live life to express, not to impress.
Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.

4. Be The Change - In an age where “bullying” is a word thrown around a lot, I want my kids to be the change. Stand up for those that can’t or won’t stand up for themselves. Be “that friend” we all want, seek and need. Surround yourselves with those that are different and learn what makes them that way. Let your life be consistent. Let it be so consistent it changes others in ways that are positive. Be individul but be consistent. God created you to influence a circle of people. Be the change in your circle of influence.

5. Be Awesome - Before you click out and think I am “that dad” that demands perfection, let me put your mind at ease…I’m not. You can be last and still be awesome. You can not be at the top of your class and still be awesome. Bob Goff said it best…

Be Awesome…. God loves the humble ones, and the humble ones often don’t make it as first-round draft picks for the jobs with big titles or positions. But they always seem to be the first-round picks for God when He’s looking for someone to use in a big way.

To Be Awesome is to be humble and to be available. We get opportunities every day to be awesome to someone or for something. I want my kids to be available to any and all opportunities, especially with others. As the saying goes – “in 20 years they people won’t remember your name or achievements. But in 20 years they will remember how you made them feel and the memories you gave them.” Be awesome. Make others feel special and leave them with great memories.

6. Be Brave - How could I send them off without a charge that I set for myself in 2014? Be brave to try new things. Be brave to explore and learn. Be brave for those that can’t find the courage to be brave on their own. Let your bravery influence and encourage others to be brave too. God wired each of my kids differently. One will “be brave” with a quiet, calm influence. One will “be brave” in her compassion for others. One will “be brave” with an enthusiasm that is contagious. It’s they way they were built before they were ever born. Gods perfect design. Take each of those gifts and be brave.

As we send our kids off to school and college, my prayer is that these days will be rich with learning. Yes, I hope they fill their minds with book knowledge, but I also hope they are filled with moments and experiences that mold and shape who they will become. As I’ve posted before, it’s time to “Let That Pony Run.”

We Left Verizon For T-Mobile

hp-mq-4-for-100-back-to-school-offer-desktop (1)

I challenged you all to #BeBrave to start 2014. I also took the challenge on myself. Just a few months ago we cut the cable cord. I cannot tell you how much that decision has been so freeing. I can honestly say there has not been a single day we have wished we still had cable. That $30 bill we get each month and the $100 savings has been so refreshing. It’s also inspired us to look for every budget advantage we can gain, wherever we can gain it. Obviously the next evil necessity (some would debate how much of a necessity) on the list is cell phones. With the kiddos getting older and devices getting smarter, that bill started to get to be one you looked at with one eye when you opened the envelope.

So I starting searching.

As with my cord cutting post, I need to be very clear up front and say that this plan may not be for everyone. Our situation was unique in that I have an iPhone 5 and was at the end of my contract. That certainly helped as I’ll explain below in the details. I looked at all of the carriers and plans. The reality is they are all pretty close and there is no clear leader. There are also some smaller compaines that might be options for those that don’t need family plans or other options. This particular move worked because of our situation and my contract status.

First, let me give you our specific situation.

We had 3 iPhones on the Verizon network. I had an iPhone 5. My wife had an iPhone 4S and my son had an iPhone 4. We had unlimited talk and text and shared a total of 3GB of data storage per month (we were getting 1GB as a promo and paying for 2GB). My contract was ending. My wife’s contract was through 6/15 and our son’s contract was through 12/15. Our total bill each month + tax was $195. 

We had been looking at options to add a 4th line for our daughter. I looked at prepaid options and other plans. I also contacted Verizon to fire up an old “mom phone” we had so she had an emergency line if needed. Prepaid options were going to be around $35 a month. Adding her “mom phone” to our Verizon plan was going to add an additional $30 to our current plan. No data. So our adjusted bill from Verizon was now rising to $210 + Tax. Plus we had the additional issue of being stuck in contracts with Verizon.

After all the research, T-Mobile emerged as a very possible option.

First, and most importantly, what you need to know about T-mobile is that they keep their plans low because they charge retail for their phones. DON’T STOP READING BECAUSE THERE ARE OPTIONS HERE. When I first ran the math, it still added up to a savings, but it was not substantial. We were going to be able to add an additional line (which is a Samsung Lite smartphone) for my daughter, get 2 new iPhone 5C’s and a sim card for my iPhone 5. It was basically going to cost us around $200. Not much of a savings, but with their 4 line deal, we were getting 2.5GB data per line, NO CONTRACTS and unlimited streaming of music services like Pandora, Spotify and iHeart Radio. So there were advantages, but I’m greedy and I wanted to really move the needle.

My iPhone 5 still has value and will move seemlessly to T-Mobile’s plan. I just needed a one time charge $10 sim card.

My wife doesn’t like change so she is going to get my iPhone 5 so she doesn’t have to learn an entire new phone operating system.

My son was very open to trying something new and got a Samsung Avant which was currently being offered for $200

I am going with the same phone as he is and transferring my iPhone 5 to my wife. $200

My daughter went with a smaller phone – The Samsung Lite – $99

Depending on your credit, T-Mobile will allow you to spread the payments of the phone out for 2 years. This is where this plan may or may not be for everyone. Remember, your phone plan is $100 a month. With the spread out payments, our payment went up to $38 to a total of $138 vs the $210 we were going to pay Verizon.

It’s still a win but I’m still greedy….

My wife’s iPhone 4S had about an $80 value and my son’s iPhone 4 had about $30 value. We had to trade them in anyway since T-Mobile was kind enough to pay their early terminations from Verizon. We then applied those credits to the prices of the phones and brought our bill down even further. As it stands, our current bill is going to be $130 + tax per month. We could bring it down another $10 but I added the “Jump” coverage to my daughters phone because she’s a first time phone owner and, well, things happen. It’s worth the insurance.

When the dust cleared….

We are out of our contracts with Verizon Wireless.

We each get 2.5GB of data, unlimited talk and text.

We each get unlimited streaming of music services like Pandora, Spotify and iHeart Radio. Not a minute of streaming comes out of our data plans.

We have three new android operating system phones that are pretty slick.

We are saving $80 per month.

There is some risk here so it’s best to really ask questions if you want to check out this option. Should something happen to one of our new phones (excluding my daughters with the “Jump” coverage), we’re on the hook for the remaining price of that phone AND the replacement phone. We could avoid this by paying the $10 “Jump” coverage, but I’m trying to keep the monthly bill down. We just have to take good care of the phones.

Those are all of the details. They do have a referral program that would give both you and I a $25 promotional gift card from T-Moblie should you make the switch too. Use this link if interested - https://mbsy.co/7PZqS

Lastly, the elephant in the middle of the room with T-Moblie appears to be their coverage area. Again, this might not be for everyone. The reality is that we don’t talk on our phones (just like we don’t watch TV). We text and use data (usually in wi-fi areas like the house or office). I’m not overly concerned about the converage map given the savings and very few times this might be an issue. Now if you are someone that doesn’t fit that category, again, ask lots of questions. Certainly check out that coverage map.

Best of luck to all those cutting costs. We’re all in this together!


Praying for Two One Six Point Five


I need your help. In some ways I hope this helps us both. You see, I’ve got this little race run on the calendar on Sunday, August 24th. Somehow I let my friend talk me out of running retirement to join him for a quarter marathon. Thanks to a host of physical issues and limitations, running is no joy for me. I honestly hate it. I get caught up in comparing what I could once do with what I can no longer do and I get incredibly frustrated. I’m what you would call a wee bit “competitive.”

As I was out trying to get ready for this upcoming race run, it hit me that I needed to take the focus off of myself. I needed to focus on something else.

So I prayed for someone else.

That is when it hit me. Running is a discipline. Running breaks you down and leaves you vulnerable. What a better time to pray than when you aren’t in your own way? That was a part of this plan. That’s when the next thing hit me…

When it comes to prayers prayed vs. prayers promised, I am “that guy.”

I need to develop the discipline of regularly praying for not only those I say I will pray for, but others that come to mind as well. So an idea has been hatched. I’m calling it my “Two One Six” plan for race day and I need your help.

Two minutes of prayer for..

One Person while I run…

Six Point five miles.

The way I see it, I can pray for at least 30 people over the course of that race run. I plan to literally write your names on my arm and every 2 minutes begin praying for the next name.

Any prayer

Any person.

So I need your help. I need names and requests. You can either leave them in the comments or email them to me at aaron@aaronconrad.com.

Let’s do this….




Broken and Beautiful

photo (1)

My kids love birthday celebrations at the house. Especially our youngest (aka Princess 2.0). Throughout the day yesterday I was instructed that I “couldn’t go in the loft” and I “wasn’t allowed in the dining room.” Since I was running out of places in the house to go, I ended up in my office. Princess 2.0 would later come in, head down, tears streaming down her face. All I heard in between deep breaths and sniffles was “daddy…I tried to make a basketball…and it fell apart.” At this point, she handed me a broken beaded iron ornament….and she broke down. I mean, full blown tears. She was crushed.

I picked her up and just held her for awhile. Over and over again, I just kept telling her I loved it. I kept repeating that what meant more to me was the time, thought and heart that she put into this project. I kept telling her that her heart is what I love more than anything she could possibly make me. It was so important to me that she knew that. I don’t know if she understood or received that, but it really meant the world to me.

We then took all of the pieces of her project and together we rebuilt a new one. We took what she had worked on, added some new parts and when it was all done, I have a treasure for my office and she has something she is proud of. We took what was broken and made it beautiful.

Last night I went to bed and re-lived that moment over and over. Quietly I had one of those “Hello McFly” moments. Over and over in this life I have started something with the best of intentions. I have wanted to make something of my life for the God of this universe that He would be proud of. All too often, my best intentions fell apart. My fresh start turned to another failure. Slowly I approached the throne broken and frustrated. I started off with intentions of being holy and ended up saying “what do I know of holy?”

What hit me last night is that we are His children. Our broken, failed attempts at holy are beautiful in His eyes. Our time is what He cherishes. Just like 2.0, He knows my heart. It doesn’t end there. Over and over He reminds us that He loves us. He then takes the broken attempts and the failed intentions and, if we’re willing, creates something beautiful. Together we take what was broken, mix it with other elements and create our new story. It might not be exactly what we originally thought, but it is whole.

Feeling broken? Feeling like your best intentions and attempts at seeking a life of faith have failed? Take what you have to Him. He’ll take what was broken and make it beautiful.


What You Believe…

My father-in-law was recently at the house and popped his head in my office. He said “so, are you ready for Monday?” I sat there going through my mental calendar and couldn’t come up with what significance Monday had. I finally had to ask “what’s Monday?” He then reminded me that Monday is a day on the calendar that I age one more year. He asked if I had a post ready to go to impart wisdom I’ve gained in my many years.


I was glad he reminded me what Monday was because I needed to renew my drivers license this year. As I stood in that hateful long line at the DMV, I pondered what I could possibly share. What wisdom have I gained? What words can I put in a post?

I’ve got nothing.

I’ve spent the days since that conversation going round and round about this post I could write that would change the world. What I have learned in these years on this big rock that I can pass on to my kids and anyone else that might read this? Then one day it hit me….while I was making the bed (I kid you not). I thought back to a friend that had a birthday close to mine. Sadly he is no longer here. We lost him all too soon. I thought back to the words I spoke at his funeral. A simple sentence that I still believe sums it all up…

You can say what you think but you’ll live what you believe.

That’s it. It’s funny that I share that in a blog post. I’ve said multiple times that it is really easy to sit behind the keyboard and act like you’ve got the world on a string. For over 9 years I have posted thoughts and hopefully, shared the struggles too. Social media has exploded over the years. Now more than ever before I believe that statement has to be our filter. It’s easy to only post the great moments, the times when the kids did amazing things and when the house looked incredible. Hopefully you’ve seen our not so primetime moments through social media too. We’ve got them. I’ve got a ton of them.

I hope that whenever my number is called, those that knew me personally or from afar will all be able to say the same thing. I hope they will say that I said what I thought and it matched the way that I lived and what I believed.

I hope you’ll see that I didn’t just speak highly of my wife, I honestly treasure and honor her above all others.

I hope you’ll see that I wasn’t bragging on my kids, I made it my goal to treasure each moment and never leave a doubt in their mind as to how I felt about them.

I hope you’ll see that I didn’t throw around the word “friend” like it’s something you accept on a social media site. I believed that relationships are important and that people – no matter who they are – matter.

I hope you’ll see that I didn’t just talk about faith to be high and mighty. I live a life filled with questions, doubts, struggles, fears and wrestled through the journey to be not high and mighty, but second and humble.

So thats the best I’ve got. The calendar turns on another year older. It’s another chance to say what I think and most importantly….

Live what I believe.


If These Miles Could Speak


I was making my weekly commute to Indianapolis this week and hit a milestone of sorts. Somewhere around Dayton, my odometer hit 110,000 miles. One hundred and ten THOUSAND miles. Wow. I’m always looking for a way to make the time go by so I spent the next 2 hours thinking about the story all of those miles could tell. If they could speak, what would they say? What memories to they have? I know they can’t speak, but it didn’t stop me from thinking about where all those miles have taken me.

Some of the earliest miles came on a trip to Medina when my Dad had a quadruple bypass surgery (he’s doing great now).

It took us to Charlotte when we sold our home in Columbus, put a bid together on a house in Charlotte, pulled the bid in Charlotte and the sale of our house fell through a week later. We never packed a box for that move, but our car drove the miles.

It took us to OBX on a vacation when we could all fit in a 4 door sedan.

It saw the backseat go from 2 booster seats to 1 booster seat and now, no car seats.

It’s held sports equipment from swim bags, bat bags, basketball bags and gymnastics bags.

It’s taken us to half marathons in places like Charlotte, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Dayton, Nashville and of course, Columbus.

It was the scene of “the talk” with the boy on the way to a Jason Aldean concert in Cleveland because I knew I had his attention for at least 2 hours uninterrupted.

It’s been the site of coaching before and after games.

It’s been the site of concerts put on by me on pretty much any drive of distance.

The steering wheel has endured the beating of joy when sports teams won and the anger when they did not.

Sadly, it was my transportation to 2 funerals of close friends that died all too soon.

I’ve laughed harder than I ever thought I would on road trips with my bride in that car.

We’ve solved pretty much all of the problems of the world, dreamed big dreams and let go of others along those many miles.

It’s taken me to meet new friends, connect with old friends and attend a high school reunion I thought I’d never attend.

Some of those miles can be counted as “Be Brave” moments like the 12 hour round trip in a day to Nashville for a worship night that literally restored my soul.

They’ve been my sanctuary and the place I’ve wrestled with God on many occasions.

It was a 3 hours pause when my position was eliminated in Indianapolis a few years ago.

Now it’s my weekly transportation to a different position with a different company….in Indianapolis.

It was a safe place to vent when no where else would work.

I could feed a small army with the number of meals I’ve consumed along those 110,000 miles.

It’s even been Wubzzy’s form of transportation when he needed his nails did.

I could go on and on and on. In some ways I already have. I filled the 2 hours remaining to Indianapolis and the 3 hours returning thinking of all of the places those miles have taken me. It’s funny, I could list so many times those miles led to joy, sadness, hopes, dreams, wins and losses. You know what’s interesting….I can’t come up with one mile that led to regrets. 

I don’t know how many miles this car will continue to roll. I hope its at least another 110,000 (especially because it’s paid off). No matter the number remaining, I’m so thankful for what the current number represents.

It’s been 110,000 unforgettable moments.

What would your miles say?


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